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Seasonal Drop In Subscription

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Professionally designed containers delivered to your door at the beginning of each new season.

Take out last season’s insert, replace it with the new seasonal design and follow the care instructions

Select your drop ins

Choose how many inserts you need, as well as the sun requirements for your space. 


Inserts will be delivered to your front door at the beginning of each new season.

Choose your container

Purchase a planter that fits the drop ins perfectly. 




Use your own planter. Measure carefully. See the measuring guide below.

Subscribe & Enjoy!

When new inserts are delivered, simply remove the old insert and place the fresh insert into your planter. 

Follow the care instructions with your insert, watering regularly.

All plant and pot material are compostable. 

Drop in Delivery Schedule

Spring (March 1)    |    Summer (June 1)    |    Fall (September 1)    |    Winter (December 1)

12.75" tall


13.75" across top

9.5" across bottom

How to measure your own containers

Measure the interior diameter of your container. It must be 13.75 or greater to fit our inserts.

Measure the depth of your container. It must be at least 12.75” to fit our insert properly. If your container is much deeper, just fill the bottom with soil to bring the depth to about 13”, and it will be perfect!


Make sure your container is not too narrow near the bottom of the insert depth. Your container needs to be at least 9.5” wide at the depth of 12.75” to fit our insert properly.


Your container needs to have drainage holes in order for the inserts to thrive. 

If you are shopping for containers and would like to ensure a proper fit, send an email and we can arrange for you to borrow an empty insert while you shop. 


We will not be able to refund inserts in the case of improper fitting, so please measure carefully. If your planter does not fit our inserts, check out the planters we have available for purchase. The sizes will work with our inserts. 

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