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Do you install the drop in subscription inserts?

I will deliver the insert to your front door. You simply take out the old, and pop in the new. Inserts are completely compostable.

How do I take care of my insert?

When ordering, pay close attention to the sunlight requirements for where your inserts will be located. All inserts will need to be watered every other day in Spring and Winter, and daily during Summer and early Fall. Water close to the soil until water runs from the bottom of your container. Try not to water on top of the flowers, instead water close to the soil. I highly recommend installing automatic watering systems to keep your inserts thriving.

What if my plants are dying?

We carefully design each insert to withstand the regular seasonal elements here in Houston. With sufficient water, your planter should thrive. In case of freezing temperatures, please cover your insert, or bring it inside a garage or covered porch. Please call if a plant in your insert appears to be struggling within 48 hours of delivery.

Do I have to purchase one of your containers?

The containers we offer will fit our seasonal inserts. You are more than welcome to use your own planters. Please measure carefully and refer to the sizing diagram to ensure that your insert will fit into your container. We are not able to accept returns for inserts that do not fit.

How do I take a break from my subscription?

Log into your account to pause or cancel your account. In order for your card to not be charged for the upcoming season, you must cancel or pause two weeks before the delivery date.

More questions?

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